My Job Hustle Adventure Part V – SHE’S NOT HAVING IT!

This is a true life story and part V of my job hustle adventure.

Have you ever had an interview at your house? Do you think it’s a good idea? Will it make you less nervous?

I felt it was a good idea. I had an interview for a cleaning position so I could show the lady how clean our house was and claim responsibility for the cleaning. I could also save transport money so I proceeded with the idea and arranged the interview at our family home. Was feeling mighty strategic!

cunning look.jpg

On the day of the interview, my mum was doing her usual 1,000 plus calories round on the treadmill in the sitting room. The lady arrived, we made her comfortable in the sitting room and the interview commenced. However, my mum refused to leave and decided to stick around pretending to be involved in other tasks whilst eavesdropping into the conversation.


When the interviewer asked a question and my mum felt my answers weren’t satisfactory, I glanced slightly at her and could see she wasn’t pleased with the answers.


She butted in a few times to correct my responses to the interview questions.

my own is finished.png
My own has finished

At some point, she even said “that answer isn’t good enough” in front of the interviewer.

Oh no.jpg

The Interviewer was dumbfounded and just starred at us. Her eyes said it all.

look at you 2.jpg

I mean I wasn’t smashing those interview questions and my mum wanted the best for me so the butting in was understandable.

At the end of the day, I didn’t get the job but probably for the best.

If you’re having an interview, probably best to have it in an office environment. If the option to have it at home comes up, a quiet and private environment is probably preferable. Also, most of my mistakes at my earlier stages of job hunting were down to going into an interview ill prepared. Preparation is key to success.

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