My Job Hustle Adventure Part IV – ARE YOU REALLY UP TO THE TASK?

This is a true life story and part IV of my job hustle adventure.

I found an ad requesting for a fast Audio Typist. I had just taken Typing classes so I felt I was up to the task so I applied.


The lady and I negotiated and agreed a price and a deadline. She sent about 10 audio recordings for transcribing and typing, each of these recordings were about 1hr long. Her estimated target was for all of this to be completed within a few days. Now this was possible if I wasn’t working at all or if I were a very fast typist but I was neither yet I still went for it.

look atew.jpg

Thinking it was going to be an easy and straightforward process, I started listening and typing. All I could hear were technical medical jargons. As I was new to Britain, I was also struggling to understand the accent.

hay God.jpg

The lady started messaging me about the stuff. I told her to give me small time. I spent about two hours transcribing a 20-minute recording.


After this, I gave up.

Now, I had to break the news to her and convince her to find another person but she wasn’t having it. I was like Abeg forgive.


Finally, she agreed to find someone else. For the time I spent, I didn’t get paid but that’s understandable.

Sometimes we’re pressured to take on a task or piece of work due to desperation or expectations but you should ask yourself if you’re really up to the task. Are you really competent? Can you work to agreed timelines?


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