My Job Hustle Adventure Part III – OUT OF POINT!

This is a true life story and part III of my job hustle adventure.

Have you ever had difficulties answering interview questions to the extent of spilling out some weird random reply due to being ill-prepared? As a jack of all experiences, I have and this is the story.

I went to one interview looking fly and like I got it together ready to smash it.

looking fly

The interviewer was asking me several questions as usual. I wasn’t prepared so wasn’t smashing it at all. I just wanted it to end but it wasn’t ending.

what is this.jpg

Then this happened…

Interviewer: can you easily relate with people and work well with them?

My reply: I’m very down to earth and can even ask a guy out.


Chiwetalu-Agu-abominationis that how you behave

Out of point! Like seriously? What sort of stupid reply was that? How does that even answer the question?

Abeg epp me ask am o

The interviewer didn’t repeat the question. I believe she was just like…


She stared at me like I was crazy and continued the interview as normal

I know it’s weird that I’m bashing myself but I’m a firm believer in being honest and learning from my mistakes.

Good news is that I eventually got the job because they desperately needed someone but in this case, leftover food got nothing on me.

you got that right

Lesson here is to check the replies you give to interview questions. Keep them professional. Don’t go into an interview ill prepared because you’re most likely going to get stuck when answering questions. Research possible questions that may be asked in an interview; there are tons of them on the internet.

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