I will always hate Friday’s

Frequently looked forward to Friday’s

It was the only day I could feel your skin

Your greasy palms rubbing the tension off my feet

A little tickle here & there


You were reluctant to come home this time

My sleeping ears could not be woken

By your pleas for understanding


Feeding my mood with sweet memories of you

Sleep was far from me this Friday morning


I thought of something nice

I cooked something nice

I slipped into something nice


I expected you home early

I called you to scold and yell

You calmly replied you were outside crossing the road

The next second I heard a thump and a scream


I ran outside to find you slain

Laying lifeless in a pool of your thick-red-liquid shaped like a circle

Surrounded by three heavily inebriated men

Who wailed at the misfortune of a little Friday fun


Now you’re gone and found a new home far away from me

Leaving me with the bitter taste of death

Maybe one day I can forgive myself

However, one thing will always remain

I will always hate Friday’s.


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15 thoughts on “I will always hate Friday’s

  1. well at first I though this was real and I almost lost my damn mind at how heartbreaking this was and could understand completely how one would hate Friday after something so tragic but then I saw in the comments that it was not and then was unsure how to feel about it, yet relieved that it wasn’t true. as a writer we have to grab readers and you’ve surely done that! great write

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