My Job Hustle Adventure Part II – PUNKED!

This is a true life story and part II of my job hustle adventure.

I came across this job ad looking for clowns for a day’s work paying £300 for the day.


I mean I can just close eyes for one day and make £300.

child with toothpick.jpg
This idea is sweet sha

I had never dressed like a clown before or done clown work but how difficult could it be

what is my own.jpeg

I applied for the job, they got back to me on the rendezvous point and asked me to bring my own makeup and costume. I travelled all the way to another town to buy clown costumes and makeup. The consultant helped me choose my props, makeup and gave me outfit ideas.

Before the day, I had sent an email requesting their contact number and asked more questions about the day and I got no response so I became suspicious.


I decided I wouldn’t put on the clown costume till I got to the venue and saw others actually on there’s like a smart girl that I am.

new record.gif

I jumped on a bus to the rendezvous point. There was no African time in this situation; I was on time.


As we were approaching the place, I looked around to see if there was anyone on a clown costume and I was well disappointed. I tried not to panic.


I got down from the bus and went into the place. I sat in one corner watching intently possibly looking creepy.

sitting in the corner watching.jpg

All I could see were normal people going about their business. After a few minutes, I walked around hoping to see something and no one turned up, no one was on a clown costume and there was no number to call.

I had just been Punked! I was utterly disappointed. Travel money wasted! £300 I didn’t receive! Money I spent buying all the costumes wasted!


After an hour, I just carried myself back home thanking God that I didn’t change into the costume.

praise God.jpg

But wait! What if I had changed to the clown costume? All eyes on me right? Would have probably looked like a bad replica of Joker in The Dark Knight. People would have probably thought something was off in my head.

painful to watch.jpg

Lesson from this is if you do apply for a job, know that there are lots of time wasters. So beware!

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