My Job Hustle Adventure Part I – TOLERATE OR NOT!

This is a true life story and part I of my job hustle adventure. If you haven’t already, check out a summary of my job hunting journey From Cleaner to Accountant – the hustle of an immigrant

So I was juggling about two jobs at one point. I was overwhelmed with work but needed the money. It’s not like the money I was earning would have turned me to Dangote overnight but at least I would have been worth 1% of his business.

Na so.jpg

I found a third one, applied for it and eventually got the job.

I was placed to work with an older European lady and a younger one who was 16 years and pregnant with her second child. The way they were cleaning so fast, you could tell they were proper experienced in this.

They will occasionally gossip small in their language and come over to me to tell me that I’m too slow.

leave me alone.jpg
Seriously leave me alone

So as we were on the bus after the end of the shift, the younger lady started probing me about myself

Where are you from? (My response: Nigeria)

Why is it that you Nigerians are always covered up even when it’s not too cold? (My response: because we aren’t used to the weather)

Do you smoke? (My response: No)

At this point, in my head, I was like “do you want to write my biography or what?”

when moves are not in line with rest of the class

Do you drink? (My response: No)

Do you have a boyfriend? (My response: No)

Do you have sex? (My response: No)

The lady responded “You don’t smoke, you don’t drink, you don’t have a boyfriend and you don’t have sex, what a Boring Life!”

confused II

Seriously I got confused. How do you define boring? Plus this lady was 16, pregnant with her second child and was even smoking on top of the pregnancy.

She went ahead to say she was going to introduce me to her brother who likes Nigerian girls.


Abeg o! I’m alright, fine and content with my boring life.

Once I got down from that bus and said my last goodbye…

run away meme.jpg

I resigned from the job as I was already overwhelmed with handling two. I couldn’t tolerate this third one.

There’s only so much one can tolerate; if you feel you absolutely cannot tolerate some job you’re doing now, start looking elsewhere but also remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


Hope you enjoyed this.

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