Different types of people you come across in the gym

When you come to the gym, there are different kinds of people you come across. Which number are you? Which number is your friend or that annoying person you have encountered in the gym? Make sure to leave a comment 🙂

1. Creepy ones that come to the gym just to watch others


2. Those that grunt and scream at every rep


grunt in the gym


3. The ones that hog equipment’s like it’s their Father’s house while they can clearly see people waiting

equipment hogger


4. Those that challenge the equipment hoggers

hog challengers.jpg


5. Those that check themselves out in the mirror while working out

check yourself out iv.jpg
Check them Biceps out


6. Those committing secret crimes

those committing secret crimes.jpg


7. Those that weigh themselves after every work out and get disappointed by the result



8. Those that won’t face their workout and will be checking others out

checking others out


9. Those that sweat excessively and bless others with their sweat and those that can’t hide their disgust

excessive sweating.jpg


10. Those that come only for selfies and don’t do any workout



11. And then post it on social media

those that post all on social media.jpg


12. The water bingers

water bingers.jpg


13. Those that have no clue what they’re doing

those that do it wrong.jpg


14. Those that decide to lift weights they cannot carry

those that carry weight they can lift.jpg


15. Those that lift effortlessly like they’ve been lifting since they were born

lift effortlessly
Don’t hate


16. Those that come for gym social gathering and are just in the way

those that stand around talking in the gym
Might as well sleep here


Hope you enjoyed this list 🙂

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