My Pilot Dreams

My pilot dreams were those of a child. Some children dream of becoming doctors because of a certain doctor that gives lollipop, some heroes because of superman, and some scientists because of Dexter the cartoon character. However, for me, the idea of wearing a cute uniform was exciting, and the controls in the pilot area on a plane were like the controls on my toy games.

My pilot dreams deepened when I flew by air for the first time with my dad. My experience was horrendous as we experienced severe turbulence. This turbulence triggered an uproar in the cabin as everyone went into ‘fear mode.’ Fear, I tell you has an effect on even the strongest set of people. Some people prayed out loud, some cried (yes, I saw men cry!!!), some closed their erotic novels & opened their Bibles, some exposed secrets (a mother had sold her child for $10 at a young age), couples held each other, families held hands, some people sat still with their eyes closed muttering words to themselves, etc…

Dad, usually strict & distant, held me so tight. Wow!

The pilot made several announcements during this period. He spoke softly and positively but how could he be heard in such environment………… As the turbulence reduced, I could hear him clearer. He said “ladies & gentlemen, there is no need to panic, we are experiencing a situation that could be likened to coming across gallops on the road, please bear with us. As long as I captain this ship, nothing would happen to anyone.” Such confidence!

He took responsibility and I loved it. This became the first real situation that increased my pilot dreams.

My pilot dreams deepened on hearing news of the Sosoliso plane crash in Nigeria.

What went wrong? Children, future leaders of tomorrow gone? Mothers, fathers gone?

I asked myself these as I pondered & wondered, then I aspired & desired to prevent future plane crashes, and I was keener than ever to chase my pilot dreams.

My pilot dreams were so strong when I was a child but dad’s earnings could barely buy grass to sustain a Goat for 24 hours, and our home was mum’s life. Is this therefore the end of my pilot dreams?

My pilot dreams are not only dreams for myself, they are now dreams for others. For others, I will support them with their pilot dreams by providing piloting schools with scholarships that would be offered to the most outstanding but less privileged students.

For myself, who knows? I may just learn to fly a helicopter.

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